The official book launch–Woodridge Library August 17, 2004

Eric White holding the microphone for Marietta Crichlow

Friends and family helped us have a great book launch!  There were about 50 people present, including some family members from Lynchburg.  Mom was very surprised and happy to see so many friends and relatives.  She thought there would only be a few people from the Woodridge Library Community.

eric opening the program

Eric White introducing the day program.



Cousin Sabrina Lee Alston and friend Caleb drove down from Philadelphia for the day…just to get their book!


Linda with two of her former Eastern High School students, Kimberly Crump and Gwendolyn Crump.  Gwen is part of the Woodridge Library book club and is director of the Office of Police Communications, Metropolitan Police Force.  Over the years, I have seen her name as the “authority” of many MPD press releases and wondered if she was the same Gwendolyn Crump that I taught back in the 1980’s.  Am so glad to have reconnected.  I remember both Kim and Gwen as very good students…folks need to know more about our outstanding DCPS graduates.

Mom and linda 1

Marietta Crichlow and Linda Crichlow White during the book signing.